Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ttytter daemon with systemd

Now that Arch Linux has made a permanent move to systemd, I thought I should write up a guide on how to start a ttytter daemon to allow you to log your timeline into a MySQL database using the pwntter extension. Of course, these instructions will work on any such system that utilises systemd.

Service configuration file

Create a file /etc/conf.d/ttytterd and put what ever arguments this instance of TTYtter needs to run as a daemon

# Settings for the TTYtter daemon.
TTYTTERDARGS="-keyf=/root/.ttytterkey -rc=/root/.pwntterrc -exts=/usr/local/bin/ -daemon -hold -backload=500"

Service file


Create a file /usr/lib/systemd/system/ttytterd.service

Description=A TTYtter daemon

# Change the arguments in the file below to suit
ExecStart=/usr/bin/ttytter $TTYTTERDARGS 




Enable and start the service.

systemctl enable ttytterd.service
systemctl start ttytterd.service

Further reading

ttytter documentation

pwntter documentation

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